No matter how far in or out of the closet you are, you still have a next step.

Are you struggling in ways that you just hope someone will understand and help with?

Are you hoping to find a therapist who simply gets it, and doesn’t need to be educated about the consequences and negative repercussions of being an openly gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender person in Texas?

Maybe you’re an older man or women, single or married with children, and you are now discovering that you identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender.

When you feel ready, you can come in to a warm place where we can work towards moving your life forward at your pace, in your way, as you see fit.  A place where there will never be added pressure or unsolicited advice for your life.  We will start where you are, and only move forward, as you feel ready, and no sooner or later.

Frequently Asked Questions on LGBT Individual Therapy

What is LGBT Individual Therapy?

Therapy for LGBT individuals is 1-1 counseling that the client knows, without even having to ask, will be a safe space to be their true and authentic self. Therapy for individuals in this space might be directly related to being LGBT (maybe you are struggling to come out or to even identify if or where you fit on the queer spectrum), or it might not be related to being LGBT at all, but you’re hoping to connect with a therapist (who is either queer themselves or an ally) who you know is safe & won’t judge you for your queer identity or try to change you in any way.

How does LGBT Individual Therapy work?

As solution focused therapists our first guiding principle with individuals in therapy is that our clients define themselves for themselves, in every way. So our first curiosities are always about your very best hopes from our work together. And once we get that answer, about the future you hope for and the version of yourself you hope to become as a result of successful therapy, our job becomes helping you to get there through helpful questions and occasional guidance.

When is LGBT Individual Therapy needed?

Therapy is called for and can be helpful when an individual has a hope for themselves and/or for their life that they are struggling to reach on their own. Sometimes clients are struggling with their identity as an LGBT person, and therapy can help them clear things up, sometimes they are struggling with family or friends and relationships in general and a helpful therapeutic conversation with an affirming therapist can be just what they need to move forward in their life.

How much does LGBT Individual Therapy cost?

The fee for a 50 minute individual session is $120-$150

How long does the LGBT Individual Therapy process take?

Helpful therapy can be as brief as one or two sessions, or, if preferred by the client, can be an ongoing process where they see their therapist regularly for several months or more. 

How do I know if LGBT Individual Therapy is right for me?

If you are looking for an affirming therapeutic conversation where you can be your true and authentic self without judgment, and you have a hope in your life that you’re having trouble moving towards, then individual therapy that is safe for the LGBT community is absolutely right for you. 

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