Just a few of the current injustices the trans and gender variant community faces at the moment followed by simple ways that we can help to grab the wheel and turn things around:

• There are attempts being made to pass laws that would disallow trans people to use the bathroom that matches their gender. Meaning, if Caitlyn lived in a state or country where that law passed, she would be legally pressured to use the men’s room.

• There are talented student athletes who are forced to either drop sports altogether or hold off transitioning so they can play the sport they love.

• There are teachers and school administrators who refuse to accept a student’s transition, calling them their birth name in class, and mis-gendering them in front of their classmates.

• Often, students who are in transition don’t have a safe bathroom to use at school, feeling alienated or unsafe in either the boys or the girls.

• When a trans-male (someone identified female at birth) gets their name and gender marker legally changed, and then gets ovarian cancer, or needs gynecological care for some other health issue, their health insurance can (and likely will) refuse to cover treatment, because ‘men don’t have those problems.’ The same is true for trans-women if they get issues related to typically male health.

• There are still licensed counselors who support the idea that identifying as transgender is something that can and should be changed.

• Violence towards and suicide within the transgender community are both astronomically high.

• Hormones and surgeries affirming a person’s transgender identity are often not covered by insurance. So the choice for many is to raise thousands and thousands of dollars, find cheap and often unsafe alternatives, or live with their dysphoria and all of the depression and anxiety that creates.

So what can we do about these things?

• If you have kids, you can help make their school safer for their trans and gender variant classmates by advocating for at least 1 gender-neutral bathroom in their school. And educating them about gender and the importance of using preferred names and pronouns of their gender-variant classmates.

• If you donate you can donate to trans friendly causes.

• If you vote, vote for trans-friendly laws, and against non-friendly ones.

• If you see or hear injustice, you can help turn it around by acting on it right then and there.

• If you’re in the field of mental health, you can advocate for and offer trans friendly counseling practices.

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