I was visiting with a client I’ve seen pretty regularly for about 3 months or so, who is working his way through an incredibly tough time. He came in after a rough week, and said that his anxiety has been through the roof that week, especially at work. I asked him if he could pick one character trait, or feeling to be filled with in the coming days, what would he choose. He thought for a minute and he said “Peace, I want to be filled with peace.”

Because I know this client so well, I know that one of his daily routines is to drink a full glass of water right when he wakes up every single morning, so I asked him this question:

“If that morning water you drink tomorrow were somehow infused with peace, how might you notice?”

And off he went, describing a day in which he was filled with peace. When I saw him again two weeks later, he was feeling a whole lot better, and when I asked him what was different; he said “The water! Every time I drink my water I can feel the peace it’s infused with as it goes down my throat and into my stomach, and now that peace stays with me.”

What would you want your water or coffee be filled with, and what difference might it make?



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