Counseling for the Transgender Community

Transgender Counseling

Are you looking for someone that you can trust completely? Someone to help you take the next small step towards the person that you were truly born to be? During our first meeting, I will get to know you, as you truly are, even if the outside doesn’t fit just yet.

In my office, you can begin to truly experience life as your best self, to develop your very own and unique preferred future, one that you will walk out of my office and take steps directly toward.  Your unique solutions are just a phone call away.

To me, transitioning is a radical act of self love.  I didn’t transition because I hated myself, it was because I loved myself enough to believe I deserved to be happy while I’m alive Anonymous

Letter Assessments for the Transgender Community

Sometimes, adults who identify as transgender, or otherwise gender-variant, don’t need or want therapy at all, but rather, they are hoping for a simple letter from a therapist to begin or continue their transition, with hormones, surgery, and/or obtaining a legal name or gender marker change.

If you are looking for an assessment to obtain a letter, but don’t feel as though therapy itself would be helpful or needed for you, know that I can provide a simple assessment and won’t require you to attend counseling sessions you don’t feel the need for in order to do so. Call or email me today, and we can get a letter assessment scheduled for you in the coming days or weeks.

Therapy for Transgender Adolescents

If you are the parent of a transgender adolescent, see my youth page for information on how I might be of service to you and your family.

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