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Accidentally Solution-Focused

Before I became a solution-focused therapist, I was unintentionally doing some very solution-focused things in my personal life.For example, when I was in my undergrad program, I experienced my first real heartbreak, and it was incredibly tough for me to get through...

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The Deathbed Experiment

 Here's another little challenge for you to try, that may help you be closer to your best tomorrow.If your doctor told you today, this is are sure to meet your demise here in the coming weeks, and there's just nothing to be done about it. As you look back over...

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The Best Audience Ever

I love conducting trainings for professionals, and classes for parents and other adults in the community where I work.  I always start these presentations off with an activity to get the audience going, and this is one of my favorites:Think for just a minute about 5...

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Simple Wisdom

When I was in high school, I learned from my eye doctor that some people who have bad eye sight, eventually end up blind in old-age. Being a kid who wore glasses since kindergarden, this worried me a lot, and I shared my concern with one of my favorite teachers at the...

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The Solution Blueprint

When you and your loved one's are not getting along so well, wouldn't it be nice to be able to pull out a blueprint for how to get things back on track? I mean, we all know each other's buttons right? The folks you love MOST in this world all know exactly what to do...

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Amplifying Hope

I was recently talking to new a client who wanted nothing more than to feel happier again. She had been to counselor after counselor throughout her adult life, not really feeling helped in the way she hoped to, and so a few weeks ago she started looking for something...

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My experiment with gratitude

Recently, my 2 officemates and I started writing down 3 gratitudes a day on a whiteboard we share in our file-room.  There is research out there that says doing this is helpful for your mood, & I was curious about that. So as I started to write things down every...

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I am a solution-focused therapist and author of the book, Solution Focused Brief Therapy with the LGBT Community: Creating Futures through Hope and Resilience from Routledge Publications.

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