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The Gift of Acceptance

Around this time of year, almost every single year, something incredibly irritating happens (and I know that any gender non-conforming person reading this will be able to relate). You see, I’ve been a tomboy my entire life. Ever since I could choose what I wanted to...

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The Small Things

With the kind of therapy that I do, it isn’t very often that I see clients for months on end, much less a year or more. But it definitely does happen occasionally. This past week I was speaking with one such client, who I’ve seen pretty regularly for about a year and...

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On Unexpected Joys

Summer in Texas can be hard. Really hard. There’s a song by the Indigo Girls that has a line in it that I have always loved and connected with. The line is: “I could go crazy on a night like tonight, summer’s beginning to give up her fight.” I love that line because...

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You Are the Expert

If you are my client, and we are having a conversation in my office, YOU are the expert in the room, not me. Not Ever Me (Of course where safety and legality come in, there are exceptions to this rule.) If you tell me that there is a little green woman on your...

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There is A LOT going around the last two days about some hateful and bigoted remarks being made in the media. It is incredibly easy to get wrapped up in arguing the logistics of religion and freedom of speech and the actions that follow controversial statements. But...

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Life provides you with a blueprint of what works specifically for you, every time things move towards 'better'. When you pay very close attention to those upswings, and remember the valuable information they provide you with, you are more armed and ready for the next...

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The Expert

Sometimes clients come in expecting me, as the "expert", to give them some specific advice about their particular conundrums.  However, one thing that makes me quite different than some other therapists, is that I do NOT see myself as the expert in the room. I think...

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Superlatives Everywhere…

I am naturally a very passionate and excitable person. As a result of this, I use superlatives on a regular basis, to the point where my closest friends can predict what I'm about to say when I try something new (like food) that I really enjoy. Whenever I'm eating at...

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I am a solution-focused therapist and author of the book, Solution Focused Brief Therapy with the LGBT Community: Creating Futures through Hope and Resilience from Routledge Publications.

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