If you are looking for therapy in Dallas where you can feel comfortable just being yourself, you are welcome here.

therapy for LGBT individuals Dallas, TX

Individual Therapy

Take control of your choices to create positive change in your life, directed by your own goals and values.

LGBT couples counseling Dallas, TX

Couples Therapy

Get back to the relationship where you and your partner are at your absolute best.

Therapy for the Transgender Community

Therapy for the Transgender Community

Are you looking for someone to help you take the next small step towards the person that you were truly born to be?

LGBT Youth/ Family therapy

LGBT Youth & Family Therapy

Are you working to overcome the challenges of being a parent and finding the best solutions for your child and your family?

Meet Rebekka

I am a solution-focused therapist and author of the book, Solution Focused Brief Therapy with the LGBT Community: Creating Futures through Hope and Resilience from Routledge Publications.

I founded Dallas Rainbow Counseling in 2011, with the hope of creating a bat-signal like beacon for the LGBT community, so that you would know there was a safe space where you can go to therapy without fear of judgement for just being you. My passion for this community, combined with my solution focused approach and ability to connect with clients is what sets me apart from other therapists in this area.

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