Sometimes, if you want BIG change, the best way to get it is to start very very small. I had a client who came to me saying that he wanted a whole life shift; he wanted a new home, new friends, a boyfriend to love him, and a newer better paying job. He even thought moving out of the city he resided in would be a good thing for him to do.  So we talked about that preferred future and the many dozens of details that he imagined those big changes might help him to notice. At the end of our session he said he thought he was about a 2 on a 0-10 where 10 represented that future he wanted so badly.

Then, he went home and decided to get back to something he used to do that helped him in the past, and for a whole week he did that thing. That thing was simply keeping his tv off.  He vowed to go a week without tv or Netflix or movies. That was it….one small change.

When I saw him the next week, and asked what had been better, he said ‘everything’ was better. I was surprised and eager to hear what he had to say, so he went on and explained what he did. He said that turning that tv off forced him to do other things that he enjoyed more than vegging out in front of the tv. He cooked, he shopped, he went on a walk, he worked out a few times, (and  met a cute guy at his gym he hoped to ask out on a date one day), he cleaned his whole apartment and found ways to be social with friends that he really enjoyed.

He said he felt like he was 7 that week…




What difference could it make for you?


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