List It

Think about your current biggest problem, whether it’s something specific to you, your career, your family, your relationship…whatever it is that’s nagging at you most. 

Now, make a list of 30-50 signs that this problem was solved in a way that is right for you. This list must be the PRESENCE of something, not the absence of something, for example, ‘I will feel happier’ is acceptable, I won’t be crying as much, is not acceptable. 

When you feel stuck, look at some of the things you’ve already listed, like “I will feel happier” and list some signs that would confirm that you are feeling happier, get specific with it. 

Then watch out for those signs to start becoming a reality, kinda like checkin’ off your grocery list. 

Detailing your life, bit by bit…



If you are in a relationship, and you want to check out a little book with activities in it a lot like this, click this link: 


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