Your Amazing

One of my clients recently sat down on my couch and grabbed one of the pillows I have there, and said…”man..if these pillows could talk, huh?” And I said…”yeah…they would go on and on about all of the amazing people they get to come into contact with everyday, I think they’d say they felt like the luckiest pillows on the planet.” I think my client was little surprised by my response, but by the end of our conversation, she had a clearer understanding of why I might respond that way. 

Every client that I see has their own unique set of hopes, talents, strengths, resources, & coping skills. In other words…they all have their own “Amazing” within them…and I get to spend an hour with them, doing what I call “Mining for good”, which is really just talking about that amazing, noticing it, and asking questions about it that lead to a clearer understanding of where my client wants to be, and how they might be able to get there. I have the best job on the planet, and the clients that I meet are all the most amazing person I can imagine ever meeting….it’s actually very cool. 

So, if you spent some time mining for your own good, and searching for your own amazing, I wonder what difference realizing what those things are might make in your life. I wonder how being cognizant of your strengths, talents, hopes and coping skills might be helpful for you? I wonder what it is about you, and your unique ‘amazing’, that makes the people in your life lucky to know you. 

Happy Mining,


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