When I was in high school, I learned from my eye doctor that some people who have bad eye sight, eventually end up blind in old-age. Being a kid who wore glasses since kindergarden, this worried me a lot, and I shared my concern with one of my favorite teachers at the time. She looked at me thoughtfully and said the simplest most logical thing I’d ever heard. She said, “There’s absolutely nothing you can do to change this, Bekka, so why waste energy worrying about it?”. 

Oh…well ok, that made so much sense to me that I was immediately done being concerned about that future possibility. 

So much of the time, as I ask my clients how they’d like their lives to be different, they say something along the lines of desiring a future where they let worries go that they can’t control, and focusing instead on the things that they can. And when I see those clients again, and they’re better able to do that, they ALWAYS talk about what a huge difference that has made in their ability to feel happier and calmer throughout the day. 

Conversations like that are always a nice reminder of Ms. T’s wise words back in high school.

Seeing clearer all the time,

Rebekka Ouer, LCSW

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