Which 5 living beings know you best? I say living beings, because I mean for you to consider your pets as well, if you think they are candidates. 

So, think for a minute about the one that knows you best in this world, and then decide on the next few as well.

I wonder, if you were to ask them a couple of simple questions, what you might learn about how they see you, and what they notice about you. I wonder if some of the answers might surprise you. 

Here are a few questions to try, the next time you’re hanging out with them: (If you enjoy this sort of thing, answer these questions for them too, I think it could be both fun and full of good information)

(If you did list an animal that can’t answer, guess some of  their answers, it may be just as, or even more valuable for you to do so.)

1. How do you know when I’m at my absolute best? (ask them to give you several clues they notice about you)
   *Always answer with the presence of something, not the absence of something, i.e. “you’re smiling” is better than “you’re not pouting”

2. What would you say are my 6 biggest strengths?

3. The last time I was going through a tough time, what did you notice me say or do that gave you some clues that I was dealing with it ok, and eventually coming out of it?

4. When you’re going through a tough time, what are some things that I do that really help, even just a little bit?

5. When you’re at your best, what do I do to contribute to that, and help keep it around longer?


OK, I know that this might seem really self serving, but if you also answer it for them, it can really be a beneficial exercise in learning some things to look out for in the future to help build solutions and stay at your best longer. 

If you do this exercise, please give me some feedback about it, and if you think of any questions to add, shoot me an email or comment below. 

Happy Mining,

Rebekka Ouer, LCSW

@LGBT_Counselor on Twitter


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