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Discover the first small steps you can take towards the hope you have for your life, and take them today.

You can begin moving forward immediately and getting further than you ever have in a shorter period of time than you can imagine. 

Hi, I’m Rebekka Ouer, LCSW.

I am a solution-focused therapist and author of the book, Solution Focused Brief Therapy with the LGBT Community: Creating Futures through Hope and Resilience from Routledge Publications.

I founded Dallas Rainbow Counseling in 2011, with the hope of creating a bat-signal like beacon for the LGBT community, so that you would know there was a safe space where you can go to therapy without fear of judgement for just being you. My passion for this community, combined with my solution focused approach & ability to connect with clients is what sets me apart from other therapists in this area.

My work with clients is such that, after session #1, they often leave my therapy room with a sense of excitement for the coming days and the progress they will make.

The 2nd session is often filled with stories of bits and pieces of progress.  In some situations, clients have made such progress after just a few sessions, that they decide to suspend therapy, with confidence that they can move forward on their own.

My office is conveniently located at the corner of Oak Lawn Avenue & Lemmon in Dallas.

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I’d love to find out what I can help you with. Call 214-616-5082 or email me for a free 20 minute consultation.

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