Recently, my girlfriend and I have had a lot of fun together, and I made a conscience effort to recognize it, talk about it with her, and answer a few questions around it, in hopes that we can recreate it in the tougher times we’re certain to encounter moving forward. (I mean, life is life, right? Things are just tough sometimes..)

And it all got me thinking…

Every now and then, no matter whether things are going great or not-so-great, it is incredibly useful to think about what is going well in your life…in the moment.  Now to do this effectively..without going back any further than say, the last two weeks for data, ask yourself these questions:  

What things or happenings are you pleased with, right now? (try for at least 3…)

How are you contributing to it going so well? (4 things you’re doing…)

Who else has a part in what’s going well, and how are they contributing to it? (3 contributions per person…)

Do they know how you feel about it/that they are contributing to something good for you?

What difference might it make if they did know?

What might they say you’re doing to contribute to these good things?

What might you do to continue this in the coming days/weeks?

Then..when you’ve answered all of those questions, notice the snowball effect it might have on those good things in your life. 

Making snowballs in the spring, 


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