So often, when a ‘goal’ is incredibly far away, we can get bogged down with the waiting and feel like until we reach that place, we just have deal with feeling miserable. 

But if we think about it a minute, it’s simply not true. We can have fun, and enjoy a day or even just a moment in the meantime, and when we do, it is really helpful to catch ourselves doing it.

Like that drive home when you were singing the lyrics to that song that was playing, or like that walk you took, where you ran into the cutest puppy you’d ever seen and played with it for a minute. Like that comedy you went and saw with your best friend, where you laughed so hard you snorted. 

Those little moments that make you feel better for just a little bit are important. You may not be able to cause a miracle today, and reach that destination that is so far away, but you might find a way to enjoy the ride to it just a little bit more.

Notice it

Rebekka Ouer, LCSW

@LGBT_Counselor on Twitter

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