Sometimes I have a client in front of me who has a preferred future that is literally, necessarily, years away from becoming a full reality.  For example, this is especially true with individuals who newly identify as transgender. When they think about their preferred future in great detail, and they describe it out loud, they might begin to feel more energized by that picture.  But sometimes, the description begins to feel incredibly far away, and they realize that this is a very long road they’re on. which can create a feeling of frustration, and even hopelessness.  But, when we continue with the description, and get dozens and dozens of tiny details, it becomes clearer that there are things in their immediate future that they can begin to do today to move closer to that bigger picture.  

Breaking the big picture down in such a deliberate way, and subsequently focusing on those tiniest of details, creates a road with steps leading directly to where you are standing right now.  Then…there is almost no choice but to take those steps.


Happy trails,

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