And suddenly the world will never be the same. 

We are all literally in this thing together. Millions of us doing exactly what I’m doing right now, working from home. Many more going into their essential jobs, saving the world in their own little corners, doing whatever they can to help. All of us have this thing on our minds, in some way, shape or form. We are all watching Italians sing from their balcony’s, hearing about the dolphins showing back up in the canals of Venice, worrying about the impact of this on our lives, finances, loved ones, futures. Every single tweet, reddit post, Facebook status, relating to this somehow. Here’s what this person is cooking in isolation, here’s the face of this nurse after wearing PPE for 12 hours straight, here’s the link for this news article about this, here’s the mayor, governor, congresswomen, senator, president speaking to their constituents about this, here’s the hero testing the first shot at a vaccine, here’s my cat interrupting my video call, here’s a live at-home concert to watch from your living-room, or a recipe for hand sanitizer, here’s this famous athlete or actor begging the world to adhere to social distancing, here’s this hilarious joke someone came up with, here’s some scary perspective or some heartwarming point someone is making. It’s the most surreal time in world history, when we are all isolated, and at the same time completely connected. 

There’s fear, anxiety, depression, anger, and even still, there’s beauty & humanity. 

I don’t know how long this will all last, but I hope we can focus on the beauty, on all the incredible humanity and the innovations that will come from this time separated-together. Things will never again be the same, and some of the changes that come now will positively impact our world forever.

For those of you who are experiencing the understandable emotional toll this thing is taking, please know that we therapists are available through telehealth. Reach out, make an appointment. Wherever you are, a therapist who is licensed in your state is available, with only the need for a wifi signal. Or if you don’t have a strong enough signal, a phone session is just as available while we are all going through this. 

Here with you,


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