Think about the last time life was incredibly tough, you know, one of those times when you remember waking up one day and feeling normal, and thinking about how grateful you are for just feeling normal again.  Somehow, you got through that super tough time, and whether you’ve thought about it or not, you did some things well in that time to help you come out of it ok. 

What was it that you did? How did you cope for as long as that tough time lasted? How else? What strengths were you able to put into action during that period of time? What values helped get you through? What resources were you able to successfully call on back then, that helped?

Go ahead…make a list…I’ll wait…..


Now, that list by itself just sits there…but you are officially consciously aware of the ammunition you will be able to throw at life’s next big struggle. Thus, you are more ready to take it on head first, throwing these proven bullets of ‘amazing’ directly at it. You’re already armed, but now…you’re simply more ready. 



Rebekka Ouer, LCSW

Dallas Rainbow Counseling

@LGBT_Counselor on Twitter

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